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Notes for Jython 2.7.

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See the README for [net.loadbang.lib][lib] for installation details.
+## Jython 2.7
+Following some prompting from [Nathanaël Lécaudé][nat],
+I've done a quick test with an
+alpha release of Jython 2.7 from [here][j27]. Everything seems to work fine.
+2.7 isn't yet available from any Maven repositories, so it'll need to be
+downloaded manually and installed using the installer above. There's no
+standalone release, so Max's JAR search directories need to include both
+`jython.jar` and `Lib` (which will be unpacked into `cachedir` on first
## Issues
Some unit tests are currently failing, due perhaps to the thread-based

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natcl commented on cf41f86 Jan 31, 2013

Many thanks !

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