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1.0.0, 2014-11-27
Yet another project rename (tramway).
0.8.0-SNAPSHOT, 2014-10-31
Breaking change: click? for mouse-down is now click-type, values :down and :up. Note: no tracking of clicked object (a la SHADO) yet.
0.7.0-SNAPSHOT, 2014-10-30
Breaking change: auto/empty -> auto/void.
0.6.0-SNAPSHOT, 2014-10-15
Breaking change: start of conversion to protocols for nodes. Initial mouse tracking. `rect` and `disc` now take a `=z=`, as well as optional mouse callback function(s).
0.5.0-SNAPSHOT, 2014-10-15
Breaking change: start takes optional renderer as argument, default is :java2d (as in Quil) rather than :p3d.
0.4.0-SNAPSHOT, 2014-10-10
Breaking changes: update now takes a time argument (first); form initialisation routine is now called init-form-state (not init-struct-state).
0.3.0-SNAPSHOT, 2014-10-09
Breaking change: form update is expected to return a map with :form-state and :auto-state (so that the update call can also modify the global automation state). Automation state changes cascade through the forms. Camera position and background colour are applied after all forms have been evaluated.
0.2.0-SNAPSHOT, 2014-10-04
Breaking change: auto-gate takes :in param instead of :at.
0.1.0-SNAPSHOT, 2014-09-21
Initial check-in (from previous calamus project, Berlin CCL).


Copyright © 2014 Nick Rothwell.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.