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MIDI note echoing between browsers using WebSockets. Server written in Python


Flask server. Python 2 is fine (and Python 3 virtual environments are broken in macOS.) Create and activate a virtual environment:

virtualenv ~/Desktop/venv2
. ~/Desktop/venv2/bin/activate

Install packages:

pip install flask
pip install flask-socketio
pip install flask-cors

(flask-cors to temporarily enable cross-scripting - see here.)

See for running instructions (either locally, or deployed).

Client ClojureScript/Javascript code gets planted from the websocket-midi-cljs project (see its In development, the code here will attempt to connect to ws://localhost:3449.


  • instructions. Boilerplate for deploying the “getting started” Python app:
    heroku login
    git clone
    cd python-getting-started
    heroku create
    git push heroku master
  • Looking through the Gunicorn guide. Need to add Gunicorn to deps, and Eventlet:
    pip install gunicorn
    pip install eventlet
  • Dump out to requirements.txt:
    pip freeze > requirements.txt