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PCM-Python Installation Instructions


PCM-Python is a Python 2.7 extension for Oracle BRM 7.5, provided as a shared object file ( This extension allows Python applications to interact with the Oracle BRM system efficiently.


  • Python 2.7: Ensure that Python 2.7 is installed on your system.
  • PCM Lib: Ensure that the PCM library from Oracle BRM 7.5 is installed on your system.

Installation Steps

1. Download the PCM-Python Extension

Download the file from the provided source or repository.

2. Place the File

You have two options for placing the file:

  • Option A: Place in Project Directory
Move the file to an appropriate directory in your project where Python can access it:
mv /path/to/your/project/
  • Option B: Place in Python's Default Library Directory
Move the file to Python's default library directory. You can find the directory by running the following Python command:
import site

Move the file to one of the directories listed:

mv /path/to/python/lib/directory/

3. Verify the Installation

Create a simple Python script to verify that the extension is loaded correctly:

import os
import sys

# Add the directory containing to the system path if necessary
sys.path.append('/path/to/your/project/')  # Only needed if using Option A

    import PCMPy
    print("PCM-Python extension loaded successfully.")
except ImportError:
    print("Failed to load the PCM-Python extension.")

Run the script:


If the extension is loaded successfully, you should see the message "PCM-Python extension loaded successfully."

4. Usage

You can now use the PCM-Python extension in your Python scripts. For example:

import PCMPy

# Attempt to connect to the Context Manager
result = PCMPy.connect_cm()
if result:
    print("Connection established successfully!")
    print("Failed to establish connection.")


  • ImportError: If you encounter an ImportError, ensure that the directory containing is included in your PYTHONPATH, or place the file in Python's default library directory.
  • Compatibility Issues: Verify that you are using Python 2.7 and Oracle BRM 7.5. Compatibility with other versions is not guaranteed.


For further assistance, please refer to the official documentation or contact support at

Tested on Oracle Linux 7.9. This version of is compiled for X86 processors.

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