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Since the DAC concept has been developed in 2012 and BitShares has been launched in late 2013, the whole blockchain ecosystem has evolved rapidly. Back then Cryptonomex has not yet existed and the development of BitShares has been done by Invictus Innovations lead by Daniel Larimer. With the founding of Cryptonomex, people have started to believe that Daniel had to continue to work on BitShares for the sake of shareholders profits.

People now start to realize that we have now reached a time to start individual business on top of BitShares and independent of Cryptonomex and we have the means to do so successfully using Fee Backed Assets, a worker or by constructing a profitable business.

However, the services I can deliver cannot easily make a profit of them selves so that being paid by a worker only makes sense in my case. As a consequence of being hired as a freelancer by the BitShares shareholders directly, I can contribute and improve the ecosystem independent of Cryptonomex.

My tasks include branding and website related work as well as user interface design aspects.

The complete proposal

Cass Worker Proposal

Worker Proposal 1.14.28