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Uses the SciVerse data with Google's mapping and visualisation tools to 
generate author profiles with information and visualisations of 
publications, collaborators, location, citations etc.

Contact us on Twitter: @cass_j / @sandervdwaal


- Documentation is very limited and specifically the constraints on the 
API are unclear. 
- Details of the datastructure of the objects returned are not clear; 
for example, what do I get back if I request the details of an 
affiliation? (now we need to debug the js to get the object's structure) 
- If the person API would be public with stable URIs we could link up 
Elsevier's representation of the author with external sources 
- Would be good if calls would return IDs of related entities (eg. when 
querying an author we'd like to get the ID of the current affiliation, 
not just its name and location as strings) 
- working examples would be nice 
- we found it a bit difficult to get a clear overview of what API calls 
would get us the data from which backend system 
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