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Supportive and inclusive EPUB reading software from the CISL project:
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CISL Reader demo

Repo for work for the front-end side of CISL.

Live demo

Repository structure

  • src contains code, markup and styling, particularly:
    • Code to enable on-page glossary using CAST Figuration
      • And a preference toggle for turning this feature on and off
      • a number of customizations for the standard Infusion User Interface Options component to:
        • integrate the Glossary preference
        • remove some unwanted preferences
        • change the options / appearance / behaviour of others
  • pubs contains a few example "books" in (approximately) the format that the Readium 2 streamer would output; this includes a Readium Web Publication Manifest, HTML files and images. A glossary.json file, specific to this application, is also included.

Building and running the demo

  1. Clone this repo
  2. npm install for dependencies
  3. grunt build will run the necessary setup to build the project to target, including copying over assets and dependencies from node_modules and running webpack
  4. Run a server from the target directory, like http-server
  5. Access http://localhost:8080/ from your browser


  1. See "Building and Running the Demo" above
  2. You can run grunt watch to watch the src directory and rebuild the demo as you make changes for speedier development flow.


  1. grunt buildProd will produce a somewhat more optimized production build of the Javascript assets, for deployment purposes.
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