@mbrambilla mbrambilla released this Sep 13, 2017 · 214 commits to master since this release

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Major Updates:

  • Breadcrumb now uses flexbox layout instead of floats.
  • Equalize was overhauled a bit with updated logic and handling for nesting, but should work mostly the same. The biggest change was where the mutation handler hooks in. Instead of being the top level item getting the attribute for data-cfw-mutate and calling down, the mutation attribute is now attached on the lowest items and invokes upwards in the DOM.


  • 6a85128: Reboot: Don't use touch-action:manipulation on input type="range"
  • a174f57: Component-Breadcrumb: convert to flexbox layout
  • c6a31a7: Utilities: add .border-x{-0} and .border-y{-0} classes for adding and removing border on horizontal and vertical sides
  • 2383db5: Utilities-Border radius: add missing !important
  • cc27a9e, 641e7b4: Navbar fix for IE10


  • fa51cab: Modal: fix typo and add sizing adjustment for sticky elements
  • 5666882, b7f1967: Modal: work around some of the iOS body scrolling issue
  • 201783a: Fix for potential XSS
  • 099e7d8: Modal: Take margins into account when determining if body is overflowing
  • 42a1ea4: Utils: Add imageLoaded utility function, use in Equalize and Lazy
  • f2b0885: Use instance value with CFW_imageLoaded, reduce duplication in equalize
  • f698cc0: Equalize: fix calling nested equalize items from an ancestor
  • 8db45d8: Utils: Fix mutate triggerHandler to call on each target
  • 71645a1: Modal: stop infinite loop of updates
  • 825e8b6: Modal: use .modal-dialog for transition delay when showing and hiding
  • d64bffc: Equalize: rework logic and nesting handling
  • 7b61a80: Tabs: Remove incorrect use of aria-expanded


  • b0a497a: Remove .d-flex from images in media object examples
  • 5b3a5d5: Remove speculation about jQuery support
  • 2bddf3d: Component-Breadcrumb: use accessibility markup recommended by WAI-ARIA
  • 5714692: Content-Table: add WAI-ARIA updates and caption example
  • 5298c8e: Add <title> to quick start templates
  • ca2fcc6: Don't use short jQuery method names in docs
  • 726e683: Use CSS3 pseudo elements in docs for correct use of ::before and ::after (not :before and :after)