@mbrambilla mbrambilla released this Jan 12, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • 424e7c3: Move print styles to end of CSS
  • eae5e11: Make custom file input 100% width to match other form controls
  • 0e38790: Adjust input group handling for custom select and file
  • 260e61e: More additive border utils
  • 80d0122: Add responsive .order-0 flexbox util
  • 643e2de: Reboot: Remove touch-action:manipulation click optimization
  • 438f254: Mixins: Hover - fix pseudo orders, update note regarding sticky hover/focus on iOS
  • 2fbe4cd: Input Group: Use direct children selectors on form items
  • d76bf19: Fix breakpoint mixins for custom breakpoint maps


  • 834265d: Fix custom file language example
  • 9e46186: Update overflow handling for examples
  • ff8fbfa: Add example for tooltip/popover with disabled elements
  • 422714e: Update browser compatibility note for position: sticky


  • f126567: Clarify lint-vars.js output messages