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@mbrambilla mbrambilla released this Jan 6, 2020 · 5 commits to v4-dev since this release

Major Updates:

  • Support for Node.js v8 has been dropped as it will EOL at the end of the year.
  • Document generation has changed from Jekyll to Eleventy. This mean the Ruby Gems and other dependencies are now gone since Eleventy is written in Javascript and npm packages for additional features.
  • Responsive row columns are now available. The .row-cols-* class will override the width setting of any direct child element, usually .col-*, to make the max number of horizontal items match the one specified by .row-cols-* for a given breakpoint. Default values are 1-6.
  • Responsive containers have been added to allow you for a container that is 100% wide until the specified breakpoint is reached.

Be sure to also check out the lists of previous changes:


  • #494: Core-Typography: Restore missing .h6
  • #495: Utilities-Position: Add responsive .sticky-top variants.
  • #496: Component-Cards: Don't force .card-img as a wrapper.
  • #497: Layout-Grid: Add responsive row columns.
  • #498: Content-Forms: Remove outline from .form-control select box in FF.
  • #500: Core-Reboot: Remove appearance from textarea.
  • #501: Component-Cards: Add card height variable.
  • #503: Component-Breadcrumb: Add font size variable.
  • #505: Content-Forms: Fix a dart-sass compatibility issue.
  • #506: Layout-Grid: Add make-col-auto mixin.
  • #507: Content-Buttons: Add white space variable.
  • #509: Layout-Grid: Add responsive containers.
  • #511: Utilities-Typography: Extend font-weight and add line-height.
  • #514: Component-Progress: Fix IE overflow issue.
  • #518: Remove needless stylelint disables.
  • #519: Utilities-Icons: Reduce caret width.
  • #521: Fix visual styles for custom checkbox/radio controls in disabled fieldsets.
  • #522: Utilities-Typography: Add normal font style.
  • #523: Component-Breadcrumb: Improve whitespace handling.
  • #524: Utilities-Typography: Add some deprecated html tags as text decorations.
  • #525: Content-Form: Fix printing for custom .form-check controls.
  • #527: Component-Navbar: Simplify some CSS rules.
  • #529: Content-Forms: Add checked state shadows to custom check/radio inputs.
  • #531: Component-Grid: Allow percentages for container max-width.
  • #532: Functions: Encode parens in encode-svg().
  • #533: Content-Forms: Add cursor setting for .form-check-label.


  • #491: Dropdown: Update boundary value to keep menus 'attached' to trigger
  • #508: Modal: Add a 'close is blocked' animation.
  • #510: Util: Fix CFW_imageLoaded() detection.
  • #517: Popover: When drag=true, don't force trigger="click" if trigger="manual" is set.


  • #493: Rebuild docs: Drop Jekyll for Eleventy.
  • #499: Component-Lists: Add checkbox and radio examples.
  • #504: Fix modal side example id and class name.
  • 72afbc5: Document locateUpdate method for Tooltips/Popovers.
  • #515, #516: Various documentation updates.
  • #520: Update Eleventy links.
  • #526: Update print layout.
  • #528: Add vertical group example of checkbox buttons.
  • #530: Update custom container example.
  • b326047: Update sidebar navigation.


  • #492: Fix rtlcss map file generation.
  • #502: Travis: Only use sauce_connect addon when testing with Sauce.
  • #512: Drop Node.js v8 support, add v12.
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