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@mbrambilla mbrambilla released this Feb 20, 2020 · 39 commits to v4-dev since this release

Major Updates:

  • Popovers can now handle a fixed position draggable variant. This added support does not handle the default popover usage.

Be sure to also check out the lists of previous changes:


  • #535: Component-Card: Reduce specificity and output for horizontal card border radius resets.
  • #536: Component-Navbar: Inherit flex-wrap for child containers.
  • #537: Component-Grid: Stop basic grid cols from becoming too wide with wide <pre> content.
  • #538: Component-Input Group: Fix form control width for IE in auto-sizing containers.
  • #543: Component-Pagination: Align page-item heights.
  • #549: Component-Navbar: Improve visibility of navbar toggle focus state.
  • #552: Content-Forms: Breakout background properties for custom select input.
  • #554: Widget-Dropdown: Add variable for dropdown header padding.


  • #544: Popover: Improve positioning when using fixed position draggable dialogs.
  • #546: Use deep merge when merging popperConfig overrides.
  • #547: Popover: Change the offsets used for fixed position scroll handler.


  • #539: Remove anchor mark from search results.
  • #541: Disable BrowserSync ghostMode.
  • #542: Update download event detail.
  • #545: Use default spacing for pagination examples.
  • #550: Additional alignment notes.
  • #551: Use aria-current to indicate active states.
  • #553: Add version to page <title>.
  • #555: Content-Table: Fix example overflowing on mobile.
  • #556: Add Microsoft Edge to MacOS supported browsers.
  • #557: Add fixed draggable popover examples, also update Popper version.


  • #540: Merge directories: grunt into build.
  • #548: Adjust Travis/Karma test due to Android on Sauce.
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