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- add tests for all the new site features
- move metadata generation into setup()
- use DBIx::Class::RDBOHelpers to help with multi-key PK ?
- support for multiple FK referencing the same table (see _build_table_data
and @related)
- Multi column PKs (via path parts?)/Col 'id' assumed as PK (path parts?)
- Complete initial test suite.
- DateTime inflation / JSON (nigel)
- underscores in table/db names ? (abraxxa)
- exists error as mentioned on list (abraxxa)
- friendly page if you haven't got javascript enabled, or not loaded (malcolm)
- expandable grid (FAQ item 10)
- Helpful page for when the table in the url is missing/wrong
- right justified form labels
- remove Delete text from the delete col
- deprecate stringify in favour of display_name
- $o->result_source->source_name.": ".join(' ', map { "$_(${\$o->$_})" } $o->primary_columns)
- Data type helpers (rudmentary)
- Finish work on might_have and has_one support
- Delete entry confirmation is not modal
- Option to set displayed num of rows in list
- Display CLB version in the toolbar
- Drop-down listbox in toolbar to go to other tables in schema
- More documentation
- Icon for delete column
- Refactor create/update code
- Reset button for Search form
- JS/CSS mouseover rows in table
- Migrate to ExtJS 2.1
- Create row without pre-insert
- Nuke undef warnings in logs
- File::Slurp::read_file needs error param (or confess)
- Column sort order
- Auto generate Master/Site
- Catalyst Component base class
- Make TT files use configurable URL paths (e.g. css)
- make PAUSE ignore AutoCRUD::Loader::Schema
- "tablename as checkboxname is bad, cause i have 'view' classes which have an
sql statement as table" (abraxxa)
- DBIx::Class can't detect a View in the DB, so this can't be done
automatially - perhaps a config setting in the Result Class?
- "why do you name the columns col[n] in the search but use the column names
to access the data in Controller::AJAX sub list" addl sql query (abraxxa)
- Genuine confusion about this one - we're not setting "col" anywhere.