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DBIx::Class Themed Hackathon, April 12, 2014

The Plan

A one day weekend hackathon, 12th April 2014, in Swindon, UK at the Meadowcroft community centre.

Sign Up! Eventbrite tickets, free


April 12th, 2014. 10:30 - 9:30pm (setup 10am, clear hall by 10pm)

What for? (Suggestions)

  • Hacking on DBIx::Class itself: A hefty prepared collection of tickets will be available to contribute to <quote: ribasushi>
  • Ribasushi has volunteered a couple talks on DBIx::Class architechure (deeply technical), mebbe we can get mst as well..
  • Revitalize the effort to documenting DBIC in a more accessible manner
  • Sorting out the website
  • Playing with Data::Query (the new query language innards)
  • Work on your own DBIC-based code with access to instant help from core maintainers

How many?

  • The booked venue is a community hall and should have tables for at least 15 (they tell me). I've put 20 on the tickets so that we can plan for food etc. Will worry about extra if that problem arrives. Please book early to help plan!


  • The Meadowcroft Community Centre, Stratton, Swindon, UK.

  • Map:

  • Travel by car: We're on the M4 between London and Bristol, the centre has parking.

  • Travel by train: Swindon Station is on many routes, then walk or take a bus: Nr 6 from the main bus station around the corner from the train station. You want to get off at the Upper Stratton, Addison Crescent stop

  • Travel by air: Heathrow is approx 1 hour ride away by train, car and is a direct trip by National Express bus.

  • Accommodation suggestions:

    • Travelodge
    • Jury's Inn
  • For more suggestions, mostly closer B&Bs, see the map:


  • Breakfast/snacks/lunch
  • Internet, if the venue has it available
  • Local wifi network + server with CPAN
  • Development environment on server available if required (you'll just need a laptop/tablet with ssh+keyboard)
  • Room hire (tables, chairs, power)

Attendee pays

  • Transport
  • Accommodation (block booking may make cheaper, but only with planning).
  • Evening meals


  • eligo are giving us £250 for the venue costs, thank you Eligo!
  • Yes please!
  • Advertising negotiable, happy to hand out flyers, put up posters etc.

What do I do?

Interested, want to know more? Please add yourself to the wiki:'m-Interested


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