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Last update: 2010-06-24
What this is
"glknew" contains both an implementation of GLK (, the C files in the main directory; and a (in fact two) Perl based web implementations that run the interpreter process and display the results as an interactive web page.
To build the glknew library, you will need
1) GCC, or equivalent C compiler. - tested with GCC 4.1.2 and 4.4.4 on linux
2) make - tested with version 3.81 on linux.
3) One or more game interpreters, fetch these and unpack in a directory at the same level as the glknew checkout:
a) GIT 1.2.6:
- Get from
- Tested version is 1.2.6.
- Apply patch in glknew/git-1.2.6.diff (modifies Makefile to use glknew).
- Get from
- Tested version is 0.5.
- Apply patch in glknew/patches/nitfol.diff (modifies Makefile to
use glknew.)
- Provided by the garglk/gargoyle collection of interpreters:
- Get from:
- Copy the Frotz Makefile from patches/frotz-Makefile to garglk-read-only/terps/frotz/Makefile
- The scare and agility makefiles are provided as patches: glknew/patches/garglk.patch
cd into the "glknew" directory and run:
This will attempt to build the glknew library, and all available interpreters. It should produce a libglknew.a library file.
Some games!
The file glknew/perl/ contains links to the games we are using, fetch whichever games you want to run, matching the supported interpreters, and adjust the configuration file accordingly.
To run the Perl web implementation, you will need
1) The Perl interpreter, at least version 5.10.0 - - tested with 5.10.0 and 5.10.1
2) The Catalyst web framework: - tested with 5.80024
3) Various other Perl modules, to install them all:
cd glknew/perl
perl Makefile.PL
make installdeps
To run the web application:
cd glknew/perl
perl bin/
To test, visit http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.
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