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* Not offically part of the glk spec.
* See
* for a description of this interface.
* Also, cheapglk's glkstart.h
#include "glk.h"
/* glkunix_arguments will be defined by the application; glk is
expected to parse these command-line arguments
#define glkunix_arg_End (0)
#define glkunix_arg_ValueFollows (1)
#define glkunix_arg_NoValue (2)
#define glkunix_arg_ValueCanFollow (3)
#define glkunix_arg_NumberValue (4)
typedef struct glkunix_argumentlist_struct {
char *name;
int argtype;
char *desc;
} glkunix_argumentlist_t;
extern glkunix_argumentlist_t glkunix_arguments[];
/* This library contains main, which will init the library, and then
call glkunix_startup_code, then glk_main. */
typedef struct glkunix_startup_struct {
int argc;
char **argv;
} glkunix_startup_t;
extern int glkunix_startup_code(glkunix_startup_t *data);