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#include "glknew.h"
schanid_t glk_schannel_create(glui32 rock) {
printf("DEBUG: Attempt to create a sound channel\n");
return NULL;
void glk_schannel_stop(schanid_t chan) {
/* Stop any running audio on the channel. */
glui32 glk_schannel_play_ext(schanid_t chan, glui32 snd, glui32 repeats,
glui32 notify) {
/* Start playing the given resource (snd) on the channel (chan),
repeating it (repeats) times. (~0 is forever, 0 is not at all.)
return 0;
void glk_schannel_set_volume(schanid_t chan, glui32 vol) {
/* Set the volume of the channel. 0x10000 is both full and
default. */
void glk_sound_load_hint(glui32 snd, glui32 flag) {
/* Flag is true: Hey, library, I'm going to play this soon, you
might want to load it.
Flag is false: Eh, forget about it. Throw it out. It's garbage!