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#include "glknew.h"
/* The glk spec only defines strid_t, but has prototypes of stream_t. */
typedef strid_t stream_t;
/* Types of stream */
/* We name all our temporary types --
* first, the private data for each stream type. */
struct glk_stream_struct_u_mem {
glui32 width;
void *buf;
/* buflen and pos in width-byte units */
glui32 buflen;
glsi32 pos;
/* The adopt/disown rock for the buffer, not to be confused with the
register/unregister rock for the stream! */
gidispatch_rock_t buffer_adoption_rock;
struct glk_stream_struct_u_file {
int fd;
struct glk_stream_struct_u_window {
struct glk_window_struct *win;
/* The union of all private data for stream types. */
union glk_stream_struct_u {
struct glk_stream_struct_u_mem mem;
struct glk_stream_struct_u_file file;
struct glk_stream_struct_u_window win;
/* We make a vtable for simple dispatching downward to stream-type
defined functions. */
struct glk_stream_struct_vtable {
void (*set_position)(strid_t str, glsi32 pos, glui32 seekmode);
glui32 (*get_position)(strid_t str);
void (*put_char_uni)(strid_t str, glui32 ch);
glsi32 (*get_char_uni)(strid_t str);
/* Finally, an individual stream. */
struct glk_stream_struct {
/* Linked list of all streams, for iterate. */
struct glk_stream_struct *next;
struct glk_stream_struct_vtable *vtable;
style *current_style;
glui32 rock;
gidispatch_rock_t dispatch_rock;
glui32 did_dispatch_register;
glui32 fmode;
glui32 type;
glui32 readcount;
glui32 writecount;
union glk_stream_struct_u u;
extern strid_t glk_stream_open_base(glui32 rock, glui32 fmode, glui32 type, struct glk_stream_struct_vtable *vtable);
extern strid_t glk_stream_open_window(struct glk_window_struct *win, glui32 fmode, glui32 rock);
extern strid_t glk_stream_open_memory_base(void *buf, glui32 buflen, glui32 fmode, glui32 rock, glui32 width);
extern strid_t first_stream;
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