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/* $Header: util.h,v 1.0 87/12/18 13:06:33 root Exp $
* $Log: util.h,v $
* Revision 1.0 87/12/18 13:06:33 root
* Initial revision
/* is the string for makedir a directory name or a filename? */
#define MD_DIR 0
#define MD_FILE 1
void util_init();
int doshell();
char *safemalloc();
char *saferealloc();
char *safecpy();
char *safecat();
char *cpytill();
char *instr();
int eaccess();
char *getwd();
void cat();
void prexit();
char *get_a_line();
char *savestr();
int makedir();
void setenv();
int envix();
void notincl();
char *getval();
void growstr();
void setdef();
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