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/* mg.h
* Copyright (c) 1991-1994, Larry Wall
* You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public
* License or the Artistic License, as specified in the README file.
struct mgvtbl {
int (*svt_get) _((SV *sv, MAGIC* mg));
int (*svt_set) _((SV *sv, MAGIC* mg));
U32 (*svt_len) _((SV *sv, MAGIC* mg));
int (*svt_clear) _((SV *sv, MAGIC* mg));
int (*svt_free) _((SV *sv, MAGIC* mg));
struct magic {
MAGIC* mg_moremagic;
MGVTBL* mg_virtual; /* pointer to magic functions */
U16 mg_private;
char mg_type;
U8 mg_flags;
SV* mg_obj;
char* mg_ptr;
I32 mg_len;
#define MGf_TAINTEDDIR 1
#define MGf_REFCOUNTED 2
#define MGf_GSKIP 4
#define MGf_MINMATCH 1
#define MgTAINTEDDIR(mg) (mg->mg_flags & MGf_TAINTEDDIR)
#define MgTAINTEDDIR_on(mg) (mg->mg_flags |= MGf_TAINTEDDIR)
#define MgPV(mg) ((mg)->mg_len == HEf_SVKEY) ? \
SvPV((SV*)((mg)->mg_ptr),na) : \
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