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If you read this file _as_is_, just ignore the funny characters you
see. It is written in the POD format (see perlpod manpage) which is
specially designed to be readable as is.
=head1 NAME
perlamiga - Perl under Amiga OS
One can read this document in the following formats:
man perlamiga
to list some (not all may be available simultaneously), or it may
be read I<as is>: either as F<README.amiga>, or F<pod/perlamiga.pod>.
perlamiga - Perl under Amiga OS
- Prerequisites
- Starting Perl programs under AmigaOS
- Shortcomings of Perl under AmigaOS
Accessing documentation
- Manpages
- GNU info files
- LaTeX docs
- Prerequisites
- Getting the perl source
- Application of the patches
- Making
- Testing
- Installing the built perl
=head2 Prerequisites
=over 6
=item B<Unix emulation for AmigaOS: ixemul.library>
You need the Unix emulation for AmigaOS, whose most important part is
B<ixemul.library>. For a minimum setup, get the following archives from or a mirror:
Note that there might be newer versions available by the time you read
Note also that this is a minimum setup; you might want to add other
packages of B<ADE> (the I<Amiga Developers Environment>).
=item B<Version of Amiga OS>
You need at the very least AmigaOS version 2.0. Recommended is version 3.1.
=head2 Starting Perl programs under AmigaOS
Start your Perl program F<foo> with arguments C<arg1 arg2 arg3> the
same way as on any other platform, by
perl foo arg1 arg2 arg3
If you want to specify perl options C<-my_opts> to the perl itself (as
opposed to to your program), use
perl -my_opts foo arg1 arg2 arg3
Alternately, you can try to get a replacement for the system's B<Execute>
command that honors the #!/usr/bin/perl syntax in scripts and set the s-Bit
of your scripts. Then you can invoke your scripts like under UNIX with
foo arg1 arg2 arg3
(Note that having *nixish full path to perl F</usr/bin/perl> is not
necessary, F<perl> would be enough, but having full path would make it
easier to use your script under *nix.)
=head2 Shortcomings of Perl under AmigaOS
Perl under AmigaOS lacks some features of perl under UNIX because of
deficiencies in the UNIX-emulation, most notably:
=over 6
=item fork()
=item some features of the UNIX filesystem regarding link count and file dates
=item inplace operation (the -i switch) without backup file
=item umask() works, but the correct permissions are only set when the file is
finally close()d
Change to the installation directory (most probably ADE:), and
extract the binary distribution:
lha -mraxe x perl-5.003-bin.lha
tar xvzpf perl-5.003-bin.tgz
(Of course you need lha or tar and gunzip for this.)
For installation of the Unix emulation, read the appropriate docs.
=head1 Accessing documentation
=head2 Manpages
If you have C<man> installed on your system, and you installed perl
manpages, use something like this:
man perlfunc
man less
man ExtUtils.MakeMaker
to access documentation for different components of Perl. Start with
man perl
Note: You have to modify your man.conf file to search for manpages
in the /ade/lib/perl5/man/man3 directory, or the man pages for the
perl library will not be found.
Note that dot (F<.>) is used as a package separator for documentation
for packages, and as usual, sometimes you need to give the section - C<3>
above - to avoid shadowing by the I<less(1) manpage>.
=head2 B<HTML>
If you have some WWW browser available, you can build B<HTML> docs.
Cd to directory with F<.pod> files, and do like this
cd /ade/lib/perl5/pod
After this you can direct your browser the file F<perl.html> in this
directory, and go ahead with reading docs.
Alternatively you may be able to get these docs prebuilt from C<CPAN>.
=head2 B<GNU> C<info> files
Users of C<Emacs> would appreciate it very much, especially with
C<CPerl> mode loaded. You need to get latest C<pod2info> from C<CPAN>,
or, alternately, prebuilt info pages.
=head2 C<LaTeX> docs
can be constructed using C<pod2latex>.
=head1 BUILD
Here we discuss how to build Perl under AmigaOS.
=head2 Prerequisites
You need to have the latest B<ADE> (Amiga Developers Environment)
Also, you need a lot of free memory, probably at least 8MB.
=head2 Getting the perl source
You can either get the latest perl-for-amiga source from Ninemoons
and extract it with:
tar xvzpf perl-5.004-src.tgz
or get the official source from CPAN:
Extract it like this
tar xvzpf perl5.004.tar.gz
You will see a message about errors while extracting F<Configure>. This
is normal and expected. (There is a conflict with a similarly-named file
F<configure>, but it causes no harm.)
=head2 Making
sh configure.gnu --prefix=/ade
=head2 Testing
Now run
make test
Some tests will be skipped because they need the fork() function:
F<io/pipe.t>, F<op/fork.t>, F<lib/filehand.t>, F<lib/open2.t>, F<lib/open3.t>,
F<lib/io_pipe.t>, F<lib/io_sock.t>
=head2 Installing the built perl
make install
=head1 AUTHOR
Norbert Pueschel,
=head1 SEE ALSO
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