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Commits on Sep 1, 2010
  1. @toddr @rafl

    RT 74444 - emits warnings when installperl is run with…

    toddr authored rafl committed
    … destdir
    running the following produces 7 warnings like this on my system:
    'LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/home/build/perl-5.12.0  ./perl installperl --destdir=/var/local/tmp/perl-root'
    Use of uninitialized value $dev2 in numeric eq (==) at ./ line 123.
    replacing == with ~~ (the smart match operator) seems to be the best DWIM fix.
Commits on Dec 31, 2008
  1. @demerphq

    much better git related version numbering in our (*nix for now) build…

    demerphq authored
    … process
    The net result of this patch is to make available via and -v/-V the
    details about the git version info we have available for the build. When built within
    a git repository git is queried directly. When built from a snapshot or bundle
    it is assumed that the source is unchanged, and that the required details are
    avaialble in a file called .patch, whose format current is a four field string
    in the following format: "$branchname $date.$time $sha1 $describe". The
    generator of these files currently resides on
    * git-describe is now used more directly with -v.
    	When the prefix of git-describe matches the version number
    	as determined by the defines in patchlevel.h then we use ONLY
    	the git-describe output, otherwise we include
    	the git describe in parenthesis after the version number. Either way
    	the describe text is optionally followed by a star should there be
    	uncommitted changes.
    	eg: This is perl, v5.11.0 (GitLive-blead-136-g58ca560) built for i686-linux
    	or: This is perl, v5.11.0-1-g58ca560 built for i686-linux
    	or: This is perl, v5.11.0 built for i686-linux
    * include the SHA1 in perl -V summary, and automatically include unpushed
    	commits in the registered patches list
    * include various git/version/.patch details in %Config, as follows:
    	git_commit_id             # sha1 of HEAD
    	git_ancestor              # ancestor in $remote/$branch (presumably canonical)
    	git_describe              # git describe
    	git_branch                # current branch
    	git_uncommitted_changes   # "true" if there are any, empty otherwise
    	git_unpushed_commits      # List of sha1's of unpushed commits
    	git_commit_id_title       # Used to make the perl -V summary output
    Additionally one more value is added depending on build process used: when
    building from an rsynced snapshot (or any dist including a file called
    .patch) then the second field will be used to populate the
    "git_snapshot_date" field. Otherwise if built in a git directory (as is hopefully
    recommended these day) then the field will be "git_commit_date" which will be the
    commit date of HEAD.
    This patch introduces two new files (on top of .patchnum) that will be generated by "lib/" and "unpushed.h", the former is used to make
    git data available to without rebuilding everything else, and the
    second is used to expose unpushed commits (if any) via the registered patch facility
    of patchlevel.h
Commits on May 19, 2008
  1. Merge common code from installperl and installman into

    Nicholas Clark authored
    p4raw-id: //depot/perl@33862
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