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Keep your git history and squash it too

Some git tasks work best with regular git merge and preserving commit history. But pull requests and main branches are much easier to understand with simplified git histories resulting from commit squashing, re-basing and not using regular git merge.

git-prepr ("prep request" or "pre-PR") makes it possible to keep commit history, use git merge while also pushing simplified histories in pull requests.

In a "prepr" workflow a topic branch maintains all commit history while it's corresponding PR (pull request) branch has a simplified history. Multiple topic branches can be developed using regular git merge. This includes merging the main branch into topic branches and merging multiple topic branches into each other.

Every PR branch is created and updated using the script git-prepr.

Here's the basic "prepr" workflow (main branch is main):

git checkout -b cool_feature main
git commit -m "cool new feature"
git commit -m "fix bug"
git prepr
... combine topic branch commit messages into single PR commit message ...
git push


Copy git-prepr into a directory that is in your PATH.

How It Works

git-prepr creates and updates a branch called pr/mytopic when you are in a clean checkout of a topic branch named mytopic.

The mytopic branch is "grafted" into the pr/mytopic branch. Grafting is done via git replace --graft. This means pr/mytopic will have a simple linear history when published. At the same time local merging can be done intelligently with regular git merge between main and multiple topic branches.

Useful git commands to use with git-prepr

Use --branches instead of --all when using git log to not see replacement graft commits.

Do git --no-replace-objects log ... to see the log without any grafting of topic branches into pr branches.

Do git replace --format=long to see all replaced commits pointing to their replacement graft commits.

Do git replace -d pr/mytopic to permanently remove the graft of mytopic into pr/mytopic.

Use git-isograft to re-graft a PR branch onto a topic branch by doing git isograft mytopic pr/mytopic.

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