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One way to use is running on the shell the cnvdump.
Independent of the historical version of the cnv file, it will return a default structure::
cnvdump your_file.cnv
seabird cnvdump your_file.cnv
That can be used in a regular shell script.
For example, let's consider a directory cruise1 with several sub directories, one for each leg of the cruise.
One could list all the latitudes of each CTD cast like::
for file in `find ./cruise1 -iname '*.cnv'`
do cnvdump $file | grep latitude
do seabird cnvdump $file | grep latitude
Now let's get that list ordered by the latitude::
for file in `find ./cruise1 -iname '*.cnv'`
echo -n `cnvdump $file | grep latitude`
echo -n `seabird cnvdump $file | grep latitude`
echo -n " "
echo $file
done | sort -n > mylist.txt
To convert a .cnv to a standard NetCDF, run::
cnv2nc your_file.cnv
seabird cnv2nc your_file.cnv
More examples

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