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Starvation Evasion Simulator, Server and Visualizer


Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. [Compilation and Project Configuration](#Compilation and Project Configuration)
  3. [Starting up the Game](#Starting up the Game)


The Starvation Evasion Game is a multiplayer Client/Server game.
First, the server should be started on one machine. The server will create an instance of the simulator and manage client connections. The server then starts n=0 through 7 AI clients and waits for 7-n player client connections.

Each player client is started on a separate computer and connects to the server via TCP/IP.

Compilation and Project Configuration

  • Libraries: javafx-mx, sqlite-jdbc-
  • Source Folders: src, libs
  • Resource Folders: data, assets
  • Run Folder: bin
  • Dependencies: JDK 1.8, javafx-mx, sqlite-jdbc-

Starting up the Game

The client entry point is:
starvationevasion.client.UpdateLoop Running this should ask you for single or multi-player. Multi-player will attempt to connect to Assuming the server is up and running, this will work.

Selecting single player requires that you first start a local server. the server entry point is: starvationevasion.server.Server. The default port is 5555.


Take a look at it here.