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Adding a Project (Projects Page)

This is currently a hacky workaround, but seems to do ok. Make a photo tumblr post to casteproject tumblr account. Each photo added will be its own slide on the #/project page.

Adding a Video

To add a video, make the photo post as normal. You'll be adding the vimeo embed link as the post caption by:

  • Going to the vimeo page for the video.
  • Click on the share overlay within the video's frame.
  • Click on show options under the Embed header of the popup
  • Set the size to 888 x 500
  • Uncheck all of the boxes (no protrait, byline, text underneath video, etc)
  • Copy the mark-up from the Embed box
  • Back in the tumblr photo post editor, click on the <html> button (should be in the top right of the editor's buttons)
  • Paste the embed code and submit the post

Adding a Contributor to Visuals Page

Currently, pulling from:

To add a contributor, add the tumblr username (e.g. chrismulhern or zandertaketomo, not the full URL) to the line here

.value('contributors', [...])

Adding a Blog Post (Center Feed)

Make a post on the casteblog tumblr account with a post type of:

  • text
  • photo
  • video

NOTE: other types will show up in the feed, but won't be styled correctly.

Adding a Photo (Left Side Feed)

Make a photo post on the castequality tumblr account. MUST BE OF TYPE photo!


  • Developed on top of AngularJS
  • Built with Yeoman
    • Yeoman Installation:
      Follow the steps here Once you have Yeoman, open a command prompt, run cd ~/folder/with/caste to move into the root directory, then yeoman server to open a browser pointed to the home page. Thanks to Yeoman, any changes to a .coffee, .css, or .html file will trigger a reload in the browser.


  • When you're ready to deploy, run the following:
  # move into the root directory (replace with the path to your checkout)
  cd ~/path/to/caste
  # run the deployment script