Collection of Live Templates that makes editing and developing TYPO3 projects easier and more efficient.
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TYPO3 Flavored Live Templates for PHPStorm IDE


We ignore everything in the repo except for the files we care about (see .gitignore). That way you can install rando unrelated templates if you need to, and they won't be tracked here. The major downside to this is that you will not be able to track your other live templates in a git repo. If you need to do that, you're better off forking to your own repo, and keeping this one as an upstream.

Getting Started

  • cd ~/Library/Preferences/WebIde60/templates
  • Now initialize the a repo: git init
  • Add the remote repo: git remote add origin
  • Pull everything down: git pull origin master

What's Included

Currently there are four Live Templates in this bundle:

  • Flexform
  • Fluid
  • FluidInline
  • TYPO3

Here's what's currently included in each template.


  • flexCheck Generates a flexform checkbox field.
  • flexDam Generates a group field for selecting DAM records.
  • flexForeign Generate a select field with options form a foreign table that you specify.
  • flexImage Generate image upload field (not DAM aware).
  • flexInput Basic text input
  • flexLink Generates a text input field with link wizard.
  • flexOption Generates a select option.
  • flexRepeat Generates a repeating element container.
  • flexRoot Generates a basic flexform structure.
  • flexRte Generates an RTE enabled text field.
  • flexSelect Generates a basic select field.
  • flexSheet Generates a flexform sheet.
  • flexText Generates an input field.
  • flexFal Generates a FAL input field. Experimental.


  • f:alias Generates an alias viewhelper tag
  • f:checkbox Generates a form checkbox
  • f:cObj Generates a cObject viewhelper tag
  • f:crop Generates a crop format viewhelper tag
  • f:currency Generates a currency format viewhelper tag
  • f:date Generates a date format viewhelper tag
  • f:debug Generates a debug viewhelper tag
  • f:errors Generates a for viewhelper iterating through form errors for a given property
  • f:flash Generates a flash viewhelper tag
  • f:for Generates fluid for each snippet
  • f:form Generates a form viewhelper tag
  • f:gfor Generates a grouped for snippet
  • f:hidden Generates a hidden field viewhelper tag
  • f:html Generates a HTML format viewhelper tag
  • f:if Generates an if snippet
  • f:ifelse Generates an if snippet around then and else viewhelper tags
  • f:image Generates an image viewhelper tag
  • f:linkEmail Generates an email link viewhelper tag
  • f:linkExteranl Generates an external link viewhelper tag
  • f:linkPage Generates a page link viewhelper tag
  • f:nl2br Generates a nl2br viewhelper tag
  • f:ns Generates a Fluid namespace declaration
  • f:number Generates a number format viewhelper tag
  • f:password Generates a password form field viewhelper tag
  • f:radio Generates a radio button form field viewhelper tag
  • f:select Generates a select form field viewhelper tag
  • f:submit Generates a submit form field viewhelper tag
  • f:textarea Generates a textarea form field viewhelper tag
  • f:textfield Generates a text form field viewhelper tag
  • f:translate Generates a translate viewhelper tag
  • f:upload Generates an upload form field viewhelper tag


  • if:if Generates an inline fluid if snippet
  • if:translate Generates an inline translate viewhelper tag


  • inject Generates an injectable extBase property and a corresponding inject method
  • t3debug Prints a TYPO3 debug statement, although, you really should be using xdebug if at all possible!
  • ebdb Prints an ExtBase var dump message, which is useful for debugging recursive, heavily nested objects
  • tcaDamMM Creates a TCA column configured for the DAM.
  • tcaDate Creates a TCA date column.
  • tcaLink Creates a TCA input field, with link wizard.
  • tcaText Generates a TCA text field.
  • sqlSelect Generates code needed for a direct SQL select query.
  • sqlInsert Generates code needed for a direct SQL insert query.
  • sqlUpdate Generates code needed for a direct SQL update query.
  • ipmatch Checks if REMOTE_ADDR == the IP from
  • flexParse Generates boilerplate code to parse a flexform string that is stored in a variable (TYPO3 6+ I think)


Add snippets to this! Make existing snippets better!