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Easily compile Tremolo as a shared library using Android NDK
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Easily compile Tremolo for Android for Castle Game Engine

"Tremolo" is (simplifying a little) a fast native library to read OggVorbis on Android. See for the details.

This repository allows to easily recompile Tremolo and copy the result over the Castle Game Engine sources. It assumes:

  • You have installed Android NDK, and ndk-build is on $PATH.

  • The source code of Castle Game Engine is in $CASTLE_ENGINE_PATH.

Then just run make build .

It will recompile the library for the appropriate Android versions and architectures -- the ones used by Castle Game Engine.

Low-precision version

It is possible to alternatively use a low-precision version of Tremolo. Instead of, you would take The low precision version may be faster, although the quality is very bad in my tests.


You can use these libraries with Castle Game Engine "ogg_vorbis" component (see ).


The source code here is taken from Tremolo 0.08 release, . The idea to arrange it like this, to easily compile using NDK, is from . Michalis only did some tiny changes to to easily compile both shared libraries.

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