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Example cross-platform 3D game using Castle Game Engine

Source code and data files (models, textures).

The creation of this game will be described in great detail in the upcoming article about Castle Game Engine in Blaise Pascal Magazine.


To compile the demo, you will need Castle Game Engine. You can download the stable version and install it following Castle Game Engine documentation or the instructions in the Blaise Pascal Magazine article. You can also use the engine development version.

  • 3d_game is our primary demo. It uses TCastleWindow class and can be compiled also for the mobile platforms (Android, iOS).

    You can compile it using Lazarus (just open the lpi file inside) or using Castle Game Engine build tool.

  • 3d_game_alternative_using_castlecontrol is an alternative version of the demo in which we use TCastleControl class inside a regular Lazarus LCL form.

    You can compile it using Lazarus (just open the lpi file inside).

Both versions can of course be compiled on "normal" desktop platforms supported by Castle Game Engine -- Linux, Windows, macOS etc.


Copyright Michalis Kamburelis. Code licensed on terms of Apache License 2.0.

The data files (3D models, textures and audio) are based on various assets from , and they use various Creative Commons licenses. See the file 3d_game/data/AUTHORS.txt for details.