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Database-aware UI controls using Castle Game Engine UI
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Database-aware controls using Castle Game Engine UI

What is this

The main file in this repository is the Pascal unit CastleDBControls in src/castledbcontrols.pas. It defines database-aware controls like TCastleDBEdit, very similar to standard Lazarus TDBEdit.

  • Database-aware controls can easily be connected to display/edit a database record using Pascal TDataSource class. TDataSource connects to a TDataSet, and FPC/Lazarus include a large number of TDataSet descendants for nearly every database technology (SQL or not) existing.

  • The controls in CastleDBControls unit use Castle Game Engine user interface, so they descend from TCastleUserInterface, they are rendered using OpenGL(ES) (or any future CGE renderer), and they can be designed using Castle Game Engine Editor.

Example code

The example in examples/test_cge_database_controls/ presents simple editing of a table using CGE user interface. Note that it places non-visual non-CGE components (TDataSource and TDbf) in a data module. You cannot place them in CGE UI (.castle-user-interface file) for now. Alternatively, you could of course just create and initialize TDataSource and TDbf completely from Pascal code.

You can edit the user interface by calling castle-engine editor inside the examples/test_cge_database_controls/ directory. This will start the Castle Game Engine Editor, with custom component TCastleDBEdit (which is not available in CGE core) included. See more information about using CGE editor with custom components.

Database format (DBF) used in the examples

For the purpose of the examples (in examples/ subdirectory), I use a simple "database", which is just a single table in the DBF file format. It is handled through TDbf class in Pascal, descendant of TDataSet. This allows to easily run examples on any system, without installing or configuring anything -- you don't need any server, or any dynamic client library, to read DBF files.

The sample DBF file (address book) is copied from Lazarus examples.

Initially I wanted to use something even simpler: TSdfDataSet, which is pretty much just a CSV file. Unfortunately, it crashes with Access Violation after adding a new record (tested with FPC 3.0.4 and latest 3.3.1 revision 39471). (TODO: I have not yet submitted it to FPC team. If you want to create a good bugreport about this, please do, and drop me a link.)

Of course, TCastleDBEdit will work with any database that can be expressed using Pascal TDataSet descendant (and thus also works with TDataSource), so you can as well use any full-featured SQL database there.

Using TDataModule inside CGE application

Our example examples/test_cge_database_controls/ uses solely Castle Game Engine user interface. It does not use LCL for user interface, e.g. it doesn't use LCL TForm. Fortunately, it is still possible to use TDataModule. All the non-visual components that we want to use (TDataModule, TDataSource, TDbf) are actually part of FPC, not Lazarus.

This allows to use Lazarus Object Inspector to comfortably design our data module properties and components (with TDataSource, TDbf). Our module GameInitialize then sets the appropriate EditXxx.DataSource properties, this way linking CGE TCastleDBEdit with the database you designed in a data module.

To make sure everything compiles smoothly (both from Lazarus and when using our build tool), just make sure to remove references to LCL (or units depending on LCL parts) from uses clauses. E.g. you don't need DBFLaz unit (that links to LCL, needlessly) or FileUtil or LResources. It should be possible, in theory, to depend only on packages like LCLBase and LazUtils (not full LCL), but it was causing linking errors in my tests (with Lazarus 1.8.4 based on FPC 3.0.4). Note: the linking errors could possibly by workarounded by adding {$ifdef LCL} Interfaces, {$endif} to the uses clause, but I haven't tested it here.


Copyright 2018 Michalis Kamburelis .

Everything in this repository castle-db-aware-controls is under a permissive Apache 2.0 License. Simplifying: you can use it however you like (including for closed-source projects), just keep a mention that the original code is copyright by Michalis Kamburelis.

The unit src/castledbcontrols.pas is dual-licenced: you can alternatively use it on the same license as Castle Game Engine core, which is LGPL with static linking exception.

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