Cross-platform 3D and 2D game engine with a lot of graphic effects and a powerful scene graph based on X3D
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Castle Game Engine

"Castle Game Engine" ( ) is an open-source 3D and 2D engine for games and other applications. We have many graphic features (shaders, shadows, screen effects...) and support many 3D formats (most notably VRML/X3D). We have a flexible manager of 3D objects, including ready creatures with AI. See for a list of features and documentation for developers.

Questions? Ask on our forum or mailing list, see .


Use scripts to compile particular examples using FPC. Use "make examples" in this directory to simply compile all examples.

If you use Lazarus (, you'll be interested in installing in Lazarus packages/castle_base.lpk and packages/castle_components.lpk (see packages/README.txt for more info). Then you can compile all the examples by opening their .lpi files and running them as usual from Lazarus.


The engine is available on the terms of LGPL >= 2 license with static linking exception. This is the same license as used by FPC RTL and Lazarus LCL. In short, you can make commercial and closed-source games using it, but you're expected to share your modifications to the engine core. See COPYING.txt for details.

Have fun!

Michalis Kamburelis (aka Kambi)