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Castle Game Engine

"Castle Game Engine" is an open-source cross-platform 3D and 2D game engine.

We have many graphic features (physically-based rendering, shadows, mirrors, screen effects, gamma correction...) and support many data formats for game assets (glTF, X3D, Spine JSON, Collada, ...). We have many user-interface components, with a powerful viewport to display 3D or 2D content. We're cross-platform (desktop, mobile, Nintendo Switch).

See for the complete list of engine features.


  • The Getting Started page describes what to install and how to compile. See also the "Compiling" section below for a short version.

  • Manual is the most recommended way to learn the engine.

  • API reference.

    It is also available offline in the engine archive (if you downloaded the zip engine release), just open the file doc/reference/index.html in your WWW browser.

  • Numerous examples are provided in the examples/ subdirectory. For example take a look at a simple FPS game example in the examples/fps_game/ subdirectory.

  • Guide to creating game data.

Questions? Talk to us on forum or Discord chat.

Support us on Patreon.


There are a couple of options. See the "Getting Started" page for details. In short:


The engine is available on the terms of LGPL >= 2 license with "static linking exception". This is the same license as used by FPC RTL and Lazarus LCL. In short, you can make commercial and closed-source games using the engine, you only have to share your modifications to the engine core. See for details.

Have fun!


This is the life project of Michalis Kamburelis.

Thank you to all the contributors for developing the engine with me throughout the years. Keep it going please :)

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