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Web3D 2020 Browser Presentation


  • standalone


  • mobile in prog

    show on screen

  • free and open source

underneath a game engine

  • editor with assets

    create empty with viewer


    tweak design

    this is our sample, functional model viewer

  • preview uses same engine

    show car knight

  • double click shows v3dscene

features many graphic extensions

  • shaders, standard or effects


    time to shader

    texture noise animated

    volumetric anim fog


  • shadow maps

    show trees final

    move lights

    show shinto shrine - multiple lights

    move lights

    castle with trees

    shadow maps work with alpha on leaves
  • shadow volumes

    show stonehenge with chopper

    move chopper

    show fountain

    move stuff
    move light first, last
  • mirrors, standard cube or extension planar

    show water simple x2

    cubemap in dynamic worls

  • screen effects

    coded in GLSL easily - show webpage

    show example in demo-models

    show example in escape?

  • PBR and normalmaps and unlit mat (x3d v4)


    basic example in x3dv4 demos

    show lizardman demo

    show steep parallax

    show glTF demos - scene with outline, helmet damaged, helmet

    show unholy/escape about unlit

  • gamma correction

other features

  • animations panel, already seen

  • walk fly with collisions, already seen

    show level dungeon

  • seamlessly open/convert to x3d from gltf collada stl obj spine

    show gltf drone

    store some gltf to x3d, change color

  • work also in Inline, you can mix formats freely

    show blender/skinner_anim/ gltf

    show blender/skinner_anim/inline demo

    in view3dcene

    in editor

  • convert and screenshot in batch mode

    /view3dscene ../demo-models/vrml_2/castle_with_lights_and_camera.wrl --screenshot 0 a.png

    == many ways to roll your own browser

  • our example is model viewer

  • and to code using x3d as black box (compose scenes)

    show in editor

  • or code by building / changing x3d nodes

    show in webpage