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CastleCSS Boilerplate

CastleCSS is a modular, updatable and easy to use HTML and SCSS framework. Use this Boilerplate to get started with your project right away!

CastleCSS logo

What's included?

How to install

  • Download or clone this package
  • Install the project: npm install

Build and run automatically

  • Start the project with: npm run start

This will automatically start a browserSync server.
The project will watch for changes in your scss and html files in your root and scss folder and automatically reload when you change something

Build and run manually

  • Build the project: npm run create_all
  • Only build CSS: npm run create_css

Basic structure

The basis structure for your website should look similar like this:

| Project directory/
|-- node_modules/
| | -- castlecss-core/
| | --castlecss-buttons/
| | --castlecss-notifications/
| |
|-- scss/
| |-- main.scss
| |-- variables.scss
| |
|-- img/
|-- dist/
| |-- styles.min.css
| |--
| |
|-- index.html
|-- Gruntfile.js
|-- package.json


Your main.scss should have the following set-up:

/* 	CastleCSS Core variables */
@import "node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/variables";

/* 	Your variables */
@import "variables";

/* 	Remaining Core files and other CastleCSS modules */
@import "node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/main";
@import "node_modules/castlecss-buttons/sass/main";
@import "node_modules/castlecss-notifications/sass/main";

/* Include your own files below this line
   -------------------------------------- */

/* --------------------------------------
   Include your own files above this line */

@import "node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/base/utility";
@import "node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/base/utility_spacers";

Documentation and examples

Check out for an extended documentation and more examples!