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Castle Core, including Castle DynamicProxy, Logging Services and DictionaryAdapter
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buildscripts auto-generating NuGet copyright year
lib We need to run nunit-console that comes with the Mono distribution, s…
src Fix silverlight build after #78 was merged.
tools Merge branch 'master' of
.editorconfig Altered Equality on ProxyGenerationOptions to consider attributes
.gitignore Added vim backup files to the ignore list
BreakingChanges.txt updated changes files Add
Castle.Core-SL.sln Added Silverlight 5 support
Castle.Core.5.0.ReSharper Merge branch 'master' of
Castle.Core.5.1.ReSharper Merge branch '2.5.x'
Castle.Core.6.0.ReSharper Merge branch 'master' of
Castle.Core.6.1.ReSharper - trying to get the projects back into compilable shape
Castle.Core.sln Altered Equality on ProxyGenerationOptions to consider attributes
Castle.Core.sln.DotSettings some extra settings for R#
Changes.txt Update Changes.txt with recent changes.
ClickToBuild.cmd Merge branch 'master' of git:// into net45
License.txt Supporting NuGet, Zip artifact creation in TeamCity. (#49)
Settings-SL.proj Added Silverlight 5 support
Settings.proj Include Serilog.dll in the output directory.
build.cmd updates to the build for SL5
readme Fixed broken links in the README.


More information about Castle.Core can be found at

Castle DynamicProxy is now part of Castle.Core.dll.

If you intend to use Castle Core in production it is advised to use released version. You can find the download link to the latest released version here:
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