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Castle Core, including Castle DynamicProxy, Logging Services and DictionaryAdapter
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Castle Core

Castle Core provides common Castle Project abstractions including logging services. It also features Castle DynamicProxy a lightweight runtime proxy generator, and Castle DictionaryAdapter.

See the documentation.


See the Releases.


Castle Core is © 2004-2015 Castle Project. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.


.NET Framework and Silverlight

msbuild /p:Configuration=NET45-Release /t:RunAllTests buildscripts/Build.proj
msbuild /p:Configuration=NET40-Release /t:RunAllTests buildscripts/Build.proj
msbuild /p:Configuration=NET35-Release /t:RunAllTests buildscripts/Build.proj
msbuild /p:Configuration=SL50-Release /t:RunAllTests buildscripts/Build.proj
msbuild /p:Configuration=SL40-Release /t:RunAllTests buildscripts/Build.proj


Castle Core supports Mono 4.0.2+, previous 4.x releases have serious runtime bugs that cause runtime crashes. Mono 3.x releases used to work well, but are not supported.

xbuild /p:Configuration=NET45-Release /t:RunAllTests buildscripts/Build.proj

Conditional Compilation Symbols

The following conditional compilation symbols (vertical) are currently defined for each of the build configurations (horizontal):

Symbol NET35 NET40 NET45 SL40 SL50
FEATURE_LEGACY_REFLECTION_API :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
FEATURE_SERIALIZATION :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:
FEATURE_XUNITNET :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:
DOTNET35 :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:
DOTNET40 :no_entry_sign: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:
DOTNET45 :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:
SILVERLIGHT :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
SL4 :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :white_check_mark: :no_entry_sign:
SL5 :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :white_check_mark:

The __MonoCS__ symbol is used only in unit tests when compiled on Mono to work around Mono defects and non-Windows differences, however we are trying to move away from platform specific symbols as much as possible.

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