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@jonorossi jonorossi released this Oct 27, 2016

Breaking Changes

  • Rework Serilog integration to accept an ILogger rather than a LoggerConfiguration to work correctly with Serilog (#142, #211)
  • Remove obsolete property AttributesToAddToGeneratedTypes from ProxyGenerationOptions (#219)
  • Change type of ProxyGenerationOptions.AdditionalAttributes to IList<CustomAttributeInfo> (#219)
  • Remove IAttributeDisassembler which is no longer necessary (#219)


  • Add IProxyGenerator interface for the ProxyGenerator class (#215)
  • Improve default list of attributes to avoid replicating. Code Access Security attributes and MarshalAsAttribute will no longer be replicated (#221)


  • Fix building on Mono 4.6.1
  • Different attributes in ProxyGenerationOptions.AdditionalAttributes now generates different proxy types (#219)
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