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⚠️ Pre-Release Feed Unavailable: As of 2017-06-11 we no longer use TeamCity for our builds and this server has been decommissioned, therefore the NuGet package feed is no longer available.

Getting Pre-Release Castle Packages

Released versions of the various Castle projects are published to public feeds on NuGet (the recommended way to consume Castle projects) or can be downloaded directly from the GitHub Releases pages for Castle Core and Castle Windsor. However, sometimes clients may need functionality or bug fixes that have been built, but are not yet released, so the Castle Project provides access to pre-release builds as they are produced by the continuous integration server.

The Pre-Release NuGet Feed

The Castle Project continuous integration server publishes a feed of just-built packages at:

Adding the Feed

The pre-release feed must be added to the Package Manager configuration to be used. To this, in Visual Studio, open ToolsNuGet Package ManagerPackage Manager Settings.

Then select Package ManagerPackage Sources and click on the "plus" (+) button near the top.

Fill in the Source URL as above and a Name of your choice, and click Update, followed by OK.

Getting the Pre-Release Packages

Now pre-release packages can be added to projects from within Visual Studio. Open the Package Manager Console (ToolsNuGet Package ManagerPackage Manager Console), ensure that All is selected in the Package Sources dropdown, and type:

Install-Package -IncludePrerelease Castle.Core

(Or similarly for other packages.) The -IncludePrerelease flag ensures that the pre-release versions will be considered. Otherwise, only released packages will be installed.