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Add warning out this being unavailable
Keeping the page for now because we might restore this functionality via the AppVeyor package feed feature.
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:warning: **Pre-Release Feed Unavailable:** As of 2017-06-11 we no longer use TeamCity for our builds and this server has been decommissioned, therefore the NuGet package feed is no longer available.

# Getting Pre-Release Castle Packages

Released versions of the various Castle projects are published to public feeds on [NuGet]( (the recommended way to consume Castle projects) or can be downloaded directly from the GitHub Releases pages for [Castle Core]( and [Castle Windsor]( However, sometimes clients may need functionality or bug fixes that have been built, but are not yet released, so the Castle Project provides access to pre-release builds as they are produced by the continuous integration server.
@@ -29,4 +31,4 @@ Now pre-release packages can be added to projects from within Visual Studio. Ope

(Or similarly for other packages.) The **-IncludePrerelease** flag ensures that the pre-release versions will be considered. Otherwise, only released packages will be installed.


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