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Anserini Release Notes (v0.9.4)

Release date: June 25, 2020

  • Added TREC-COVID (round 4) topics and queries from UDel's query generator.
  • Added TREC-COVID (round 3) qrels and other data.
  • Added implementation of relevance feedback.
  • Added script to automate downloading a particular release of CORD-19, building indexes, and verifying.
  • Added script to automate downloading a particular pre-built index of CORD-19.
  • Added bindings of anserini-tools submodule to tools/
  • Added ingestion support for WashingtonPost v3.
  • Added ingestion support for ISO 19115 records.
  • Added ingestion support and baselines for FEVER (fact checking) dataset.
  • Added ingestion support for Common Crawl WARC and WET formats, for TREC Health Misinformation Track.
  • Added ingestion support for CC-News-En corpus.
  • Refactored code paths for ingesting ClueWeb collections.
  • Exposed better hooks to load arbitrary topics from Pyserini.
  • Removed legacy IndexUtil class.
  • Removed unused code paths for TREC News Track background linking task.
  • Updated Solr and ElasticSearch documentation for CORD-19.
  • Moved common MS MARCO scripts to tools/scripts/msmarco/, updated MS MARCO documentation.

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