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renaming sm_model; faster bridge (#18) (#22)

+ renamed sm_model
+ faster bridge by obtaining the IDF scores of a term directly from the Java server
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rosequ authored and lintool committed May 3, 2017
1 parent 7d0a78d commit 212aa6fb938b2e0ce475d1bca6161c342f76b95b
@@ -3,5 +3,5 @@
description='models for question answering',
File renamed without changes.
@@ -28,16 +28,16 @@ git clone
This should generate:
├── Castor
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └── sm_model/
│   ├── idf_baseline
│   ├── kim_cnn
│   └── sm_cnn
├── data
│   ├──
│   ├── TrecQA/
│   └── word2vec/
└── models
└── sm_model/
└── sm_cnn/
2. Preprocess data
@@ -57,17 +57,17 @@ python3
Make trec_eval
cd Castor/sm_model/
cd Castor/sm_cnn/
cd trec_eval-8.0
make clean && make
cd ..
To train the S&M model on TrecQA
python ../../model/sm_model/sm_model.train-all
python ../../models/sm_model/sm_model.TrecQA.TRAIN-ALL.2017-04-02.castor
The final model will be saved to ```../../model/sm_model/sm_model.train-all```
The final model will be saved to ```../../models/sm_model/sm_model.TrecQA.TRAIN-ALL.2017-04-02.castor```
_NOTE:_ On first run, the program will create a memory-mapped cache for word e mbeddings (943MB) in ``data/word2vec``.
The cache allows for faster loading of data in future runs.
File renamed without changes.
@@ -0,0 +1,186 @@
import json
import os
import sys
from collections import Counter
import argparse

import numpy as np
import torch
from nltk.tokenize import TreebankWordTokenizer
from torch.autograd import Variable
from py4j.java_gateway import JavaGateway

from sm_cnn import model
from sm_cnn.external_features import compute_overlap, compute_idf_weighted_overlap, stopped

sys.modules['model'] = model

class SMModelBridge(object):

def __init__(self, model_file, word_embeddings_cache_file, index_path):
# init torch random seeds

# load model
self.model = model.QAModel.load(model_file)
# load vectors
self.vec_dim = self._preload_cached_embeddings(word_embeddings_cache_file)
self.unk_term_vec = np.random.uniform(-0.25, 0.25, self.vec_dim)

self.index = index_path

def _preload_cached_embeddings(self, cache_file):

with open(cache_file + '.dimensions') as d:
vocab_size, vec_dim = [int(e) for e in]

self.W = np.memmap(cache_file, dtype=np.double, shape=(vocab_size, vec_dim))

with open(cache_file + '.vocab') as f:
w2v_vocab_list = map(str.strip, f.readlines())

self.vocab_dict = {w:k for k, w in enumerate(w2v_vocab_list)}
return vec_dim

def parse(self, sentence):
s_toks = TreebankWordTokenizer().tokenize(sentence)
s_str = ' '.join(s_toks).lower()
return s_str

def make_input_matrix(self, sentence):
terms = sentence.strip().split()
# word_embeddings = torch.zeros(max_len, vec_dim).type(torch.DoubleTensor)
word_embeddings = torch.zeros(len(terms), self.vec_dim).type(torch.DoubleTensor)
for i in range(len(terms)):
word = terms[i]
if word not in self.vocab_dict:
emb = torch.from_numpy(self.unk_term_vec)
emb = torch.from_numpy(self.W[self.vocab_dict[word]])
word_embeddings[i] = emb
input_tensor = torch.zeros(1, self.vec_dim, len(terms))
input_tensor[0] = torch.transpose(word_embeddings, 0, 1)
return input_tensor

def get_tensorized_inputs(self, batch_ques, batch_sents, batch_ext_feats):
assert(1 == len(batch_ques))
tensorized_inputs = []
for i in range(len(batch_ques)):
xq = Variable(self.make_input_matrix(batch_ques[i]))
xs = Variable(self.make_input_matrix(batch_sents[i]))
ext_feats = Variable(torch.FloatTensor(batch_ext_feats[i]))
ext_feats = torch.unsqueeze(ext_feats, 0)
tensorized_inputs.append((xq, xs, ext_feats))
return tensorized_inputs

def rerank_candidate_answers(self, question, answers, idf_json):
# run through the model
scores_sentences = []
question = self.parse(question)
term_idfs = json.loads(idf_json)
term_idfs = dict((k, float(v)) for k, v in term_idfs.items())

for answer in answers:
answer = self.parse(answer)

overlap = compute_overlap([question], [answer])
idf_weighted_overlap = compute_idf_weighted_overlap([question], [answer], term_idfs)
overlap_no_stopwords =\
compute_overlap(stopped([question]), stopped([answer]))
idf_weighted_overlap_no_stopwords =\
compute_idf_weighted_overlap(stopped([question]), stopped([answer]), term_idfs)
ext_feats = [np.array(feats) for feats in zip(overlap, idf_weighted_overlap,\
overlap_no_stopwords, idf_weighted_overlap_no_stopwords)]

xq, xa, x_ext_feats = self.get_tensorized_inputs([question], [answer], \
pred = self.model(xq, xa, x_ext_feats)
pred = torch.exp(pred)
scores_sentences.append(([1], answer))

return scores_sentences

def get_term_idf_json_list(index_path, sent_list):
gateway = JavaGateway()
index =
pyserini =
java_list =

for l in sent_list:

json_object = pyserini.getTermIdfJSONs(java_list)
return json_object

if __name__ == "__main__":
ap = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Bridge Demo. Produces scores in trec_eval format",
ap.add_argument('model', help="the path to the saved model file")
ap.add_argument('--word-embeddings-cache', help="the embeddings 'cache' file",\
ap.add_argument('index_path', help="the path to the source corpus index")
# ap.add_argument('--paper-ext-feats', action="store_true", \
# help="external features as per the paper")
ap.add_argument('--dataset-folder', help="the QA dataset folder {TrecQA|WikiQA}",

args = ap.parse_args()

smmodel = SMModelBridge(

train_set, dev_set, test_set = 'train', 'dev', 'test'
if 'TrecQA' in args.dataset_folder:
train_set, dev_set, test_set = 'train-all', 'raw-dev', 'raw-test'

for split in [dev_set, test_set]:
outfile = open('bridge.{}.scores'.format(split), 'w')

questions = [q.strip() for q in \
open(os.path.join(args.dataset_folder, split, 'a.toks')).readlines()]
answers = [q.strip() for q in \
open(os.path.join(args.dataset_folder, split, 'b.toks')).readlines()]
labels = [q.strip() for q in \
open(os.path.join(args.dataset_folder, split, 'sim.txt')).readlines()]
qids = [q.strip() for q in \
open(os.path.join(args.dataset_folder, split, 'id.txt')).readlines()]

qid_question = dict(zip(qids, questions))
q_counts = Counter(questions)

answers_offset = 0
docid_counter = 0

all_questions_answers = questions + answers
idf_json = get_term_idf_json_list(args.index_path, all_questions_answers)

for qid, question in sorted(qid_question.items(), key=lambda x: float(x[0])):
num_answers = q_counts[question]
q_answers = answers[answers_offset: answers_offset + num_answers]
answers_offset += num_answers
sentence_scores = smmodel.rerank_candidate_answers(question, q_answers, idf_json)

for score, sentence in sentence_scores:
print('{} Q0 {} 0 {} sm_cnn_bridge.{}.run'.format(
), file=outfile)
docid_counter += 1
if 'WikiQA' in args.dataset_folder:
docid_counter = 0

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