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Pyserini Release Notes (v0.11.0.0)

Release date: February 18, 2021

  • Added support for replicating DPR retrieval results (Karpukhin et al. 2020).
  • Improved support for TCT-ColBERT (Lin et al. 2020).
  • Added interactive retrieval support for dense and hybrid techniques, example with TCT-ColBERT.
  • Added integration test cases and replication guides for both TCT-ColBERT and DPR.
  • Added replication guide for KILT BM25 baselines.
  • Added support for accessing qrels from standard test collections.
  • Improved query iterator for standard test collections.
  • Improved built-in support for MS MARCO doc/passage evaluation and trec_eval in pyserini.eval.
  • Updated documentation for spaCy and entity linking.
  • Standardized dependencies, especially important for transformers, torch, tensorflow, and faiss-cpu.

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