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Language Server Protocol

Solargraph supports the language server protocol as of gem version 0.18.0. The VSCode extension uses LSP as of extension version 0.14.0.

Using the Language Server

Run solargraph stdio to use the language server via stdio.

Run solargraph socket to use the language server via TCP socket. The default port is 7658.

Supported Capabilities

  • Hover
  • Completion
  • Signature help
  • Definition
  • Document symbols
  • Workspace symbols
  • Rename symbols
  • References
  • Formatting
  • Diagnostics (linting)

Work in Progress

  • On type formatting

Custom Features

Solargraph's language server extends the protocol with additional methods for inline document pages.

Linting and Formatting

Solargraph uses RuboCop for linting and formatting.

Diagnostics Reporters

A .solargraph.yml file can be used to select which diagnostics reporters Solargraph should use. Example:

- rubocop
- require_not_found

rubocop enables RuboCop linting. Its rules can be configured in a .rubocop.yml file.

require_not_found highlights require calls where Solargraph could not resolve a required path. Note that this error does not necessarily mean that the path is incorrect; only that Solargraph was unable to recognize it.

Run solargraph reporters for a list of available reporters.