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Download the latest versions of the following software


Git and repository setup

$ git config --global core.autocrlf false
$ git config --global "<your github username>"
$ git config --global <>
$ git clone --recursive
$ cd studlan

Alternatively on Windows, use the GitHub for Windows app to setup everything


This will create a virtual machine with all that is required to start developing

  • see the Vagrantfile for special VM configuration options and
  • see the script for provisioning options
$ vagrant up

If anything goes wrong

$ vagrant reload # will re-up the machine without destroying it
$ vagrant destroy -f # delete everything to start from scratch
$ vagrant provision # re-run the provisioning ( task

After the machine is up and provisioned you can SSH to the instance to run a server

$ vagrant ssh # if prompted for a password just type 'vagrant'
$ workon studlan # this is the virtualenv
$ cd /vagrant # this is the mounted shared folder of the project root
$ python runserver # this will bind to all interfaces on port 8000 (forwarded as 8001)

Site should be available at http://localhost:8001

To suspend/resume the VM

$ vagrant suspend studlan
$ vagrant resume studlan


  • News
  • Activites
    • Used for having several competitions under the same activity (usually a game).
  • Competitions
    • Single User or Team participation
    • Lotteries with automated drawing
  • Teams
    • Team Leader
      • Can invite members
      • Can sign the team up for competitions or leave them.
    • Members
      • Can decline or accept invitations and leave teams
  • Tickets and seating
    • Online payment supported through Stripe
    • Participants with pre purchased tickets can reserve seats
      • Seating arrangements are fully customizable through SVG layouts.
    • Export details of participants per event

Planned features

  • Teams
    • Match history
    • Seeding (for any activity)
  • Competitions
    • Challonge integration with Automatic bracket creation/Tournament system that takes seeding into account.
  • Non-fluid responsive layout


To install requirements for development:

make env
make dev

To install requirements for production:

apt-get install libpq-dev python-dev
make env
make prod


  1. python syncdb
  2. python migrate