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A telegram bot based on the "Silence, Liberal" meme
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silencelibbot is a telegram bot based on the "Silence, Liberal" meme

Silence, Liberal


You can find the official one here: author


If you want to help with the project, go on!

Fork the repo, modify the code and submit a PR.

Help, suggestions and improvements are always welcome!


To install this masterpiece you need: Python 3, Botogram and Pillow

Get the latest release of Python 3 here and install the most recent release for your OS.

Then, type this in your home folder:

git clone

cd silencelibbot

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Congratulations, you are ready to start the bot.

Get the token

We are not ready yet, we have to get a new and shiny HTTP API token from the father of all bots, @botfather.

Type /start to start the bot, then type /newbot to create a new bot and follow all the instructions, please let the users know that your bot is a fork of this repository by putting the repo link in the description, thanks. After all of that you will get a piece of text similar to this:


Copy the piece of text that you recived from botfather and paste it into the file between the apostrophes, this will tell to the telegram servers wich bot needs to run the code.

Start the bot

You are ready finally ready to start your bot, if you have to do any modifications to the code, do those now and come back here when you have finished.

In order to fire up the bot you need to type this:


The bot is now running, to do a test, type something in the telegram chat with your bot and see if your bot outputs an image.

Protip: Keep your bot running even when you exit your session

To prevent your bot from stopping when you end your session, use the nohup command in the silencelibbot folder:

nohup python3 &

To stop the bot that you have started with this command, simply kill the python3 process

Need help?

If something doesn't work as expected, open an issue here on GitHub or contact me at @casungo.

Why did you do this bot?

I was in a Telegram chat with some friends and someone started talking BS, so:

I tiped "silence, liberal meme" into Google Images, took the template of the meme, fired up GIMP, wrote the name of my friend on top of the image, saved, and finally dragged the exported image into the telegram chat.

Then I said to myself "Wow, that's a very long process to do every time I want to use this meme, why not create a telegram bot JUST for this?"

And voilà, the bot was created (It took some time but it's worth it)

Authors and acknowledgment

@casungo: Mantainer of the official bot & repo

@MarcoBuster: Telegram implementation

@boringcactus: She gave me the idea with her bot @crabravebot


This code uses the GPL v3 License

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