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as3 camera detection so you don't have to
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camera detection so you don’t have to

ever thought that dealing with Camera object in flash was easy? didn’t think so. if you want to develop quality professional applications that utilize a Camera in flash prepare for some painful days. CameraDetection is a simple library that handles all of the hassle about dealing with Camera in flash (well as much as possible). integration is easy,

disclaimer: although i am confident about the code i have written, i cannot guarantee it is bug free.
it is difficult to test Camera since i only have access to a few. so please! find it in your developer blood pumping organ to use the Logger class so we can tell adobe what’s up, and so i can make my code even better.

simple api

  • one event
  • all the situations handled
  • tell it to begin
  • wait

show me

ok… here it is… the big dump i will be logging this usage


why log?


let me tell you the problems dealing with permissions in as3 sucks. the events are flakey and it hurts to deal with. look at the wiki home page, i wrote something good there about the problems. however, this handles when the dialog opens, when it closes, when you get permission or get denied, and when a camera is found that works. this is great stuff
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