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puppet xtables-addons installation on CentOS/RedHat 6.X with auto update option from tar.xz
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This module installs xtables-addons from source tarballs on CentOS/RedHat 6.x. Tested with xtables-addons 1.41.


tarball_url defines from where the tarball will be downloaded.

Using the class below will ensure that the module is installed

class { 'xtables':
	tarball_url     => '',
	xtables_version => '1.41',

The xtables modules can be disabled and enabled using the variables from mconfig Disable a module by adding on the main class:

rawnat         = '#build_RAWNAT=m',

Enable a module by adding on the main class:

rawnat         = 'build_RAWNAT=m',

By default RAWNAT, SYSRQ and length2 are disabled.

Use the autoupdate script only if you fully manage the cronjobs on your server with puppet, otherwise your cronjobs will be deleted.

        include xtables::update


'maestrodev/wget', '>= 1.3.2' 'yguenane/repoforge', '>=0.2.0'

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