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CSS3 buttons with base64 noise pattern effect.
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CSS3 patterned buttons


Basically, to create a button, the only thing you have to do is this:

<a href="" class="button">Button</a>
<button class="button">Button</button>

Different buttons sizes

If you want to make a more prominent or a less prominent call-to-action button, you have options:

<button class="small button">Button</button>
<button class="large button">Button</button>

Various buttons colors

You will need custom colors for successful actions or negative ones as delete:

<button class="button">Button</button>
<button class="color red button">Button</button>
<button class="color green button">Button</button>
<button class="color blue button">Button</button>

Disabled states

In case you are using buttons or inputs, in some cases you will need them to be disabled until a certain task is triggered:

<button class="button" disabled>Button</button>
<button class="color red button" disabled>Button</button>
<button class="color green button" disabled>Button</button>
<button class="color blue button" disabled>Button</button>

Grouped buttons

There will be cases when you will need to group similar call-to-action buttons:

<ul class="button-group">
    <li><button class="button">Button</button></li>
    <li><button class="button">Button</button></li>
    <li><button class="button">Button</button></li>
    <li><button class="button">Button</button></li>

Browser compatibility

CSS3 patterned buttons works in all major browsers. But of course CSS3 features used here do not work in oder browsers like IE8 and below.


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