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Thanks for being willing to contribute!

@catalyst-network is a growing open source community, and as such there is a lot of room for contributions. We welcome any and all help: commenting on issues, jumping on our Discord, opening issues, opening PRs, and so on. Jump right in.

If you would like to help but don't know how, get in touch on our Discord. We'd love to help you out.

Issue Reporting Guidelines

File a single issue per problem and feature request.

  • Do not enumerate multiple bugs or feature requests in the same issue.
  • Do not add your issue as a comment to an existing issue unless it's for the identical input. Many issues look similar, but have different causes.

The more information you can provide, the more likely someone will be successful reproducing the issue and finding a fix.

Please remember to do the following:

  • Search the issue repository to see if there exists a duplicate.
  • Simplify your code around the issue so we can better isolate the problem.

Before Submitting an Issue

First, please do a search for open issues in the issue tab to see if the issue or feature request has already been filed.

If you find your issue already exists, make relevant comments and add your reaction. Use a reaction in place of a "+1" comment.

👍 - upvote

👎 - downvote

To view a complete list of issues and to file new issues or feature requests using templates please go to the main project issue page Catalyst issue page.

Engineering Guidelines

Engineering guidelines are still to come. In the meantime you can find some documentation in the Wiki

Code of Conduct

Note that every interaction on GitHub or elsewhere within the Catalyst community must conform to the Catalyst Code of Conduct. Please take a look at it, as you agree to follow it by being part of this community.

Contributor License Agreement

You must sign a Contribution License Agreement (CLA) before your pull request will be merged. This a one-time requirement for contributing to Catalyst Network projects. You can read more about Contributor License Agreements (CLA) on Wikipedia.

Signing the CLA doesn't have to be done up-front, it is only required if you submit a pull request on GitHub to be merged. You can clone, fork, and submit your pull request as usual. We use cla-assistant, a bot, to manage these. It will automatically ping you when your PRs are of a certain size.