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Notice: Catalyze is now Datica! Please note that this repository has moved to daticahealth/training.

Datica HIPAA Training Docs


This is an overview training of HIPAA, with coverage of key definitions and provisions for the handing of HIPAA-relevant data. The material in this book is intended for individuals who work for organizations that provide technology and technology-enabled services to health systems, payers, physicians, pharma, and other healthcare organizations. It leans more heavily on the use of modern, cloud-based technologies than traditional client side software.

  • The license for these docs can be found here
  • The contributing guidelines can be found here

Getting Started

The Datica HIPAA Training docs are built using Middleman, a static site generator. Please follow the installation instructions for Middleman before continuing.

Once you have Middleman installed and working you can complete the following to get a working copy of these docs on your local machine:

  • git clone
  • cd training
  • bundle install


  • rake build generates the static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • rake run allows you to view the site locally
  • rake sass compiles styles changes
  • rake serve_static runs a simple web server in the build directory


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