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These are the essential steps for compiling and installing this
* Linux kernel with TUN/TAP support
* libusb-1.0 (
* asciidoc and docbook2x (for man pages)
* udev (optionally)
If you are compiling from SCM you have to run
autoreconf --install
first to create the 'configure' script.
To compile the software run:
./configure <options>
You can get the list of configure options by running
./configure --help
make install
Udev rules
By default, 'make install' puts an udev rules file to /etc/udev/rules.d
directory if it is present. This file allows the driver to be started
automatically if the device is plugged in. You can manually disable this
feature by commenting out the appropriate lines in the rules file. Or even
by supplying --without-udev option to the 'configure' script.
Event scripts
madWiMAX uses user-supplied scripts to configure network. For example, to
run DHCP client and configure iptables rules. madWiMAX comes with several
scripts, optimized for some environments. They live in scripts/events. To
select script<name>.in to install pass --with-script=<name>
option to 'configure' script. If you don't want to install any of the
bundled scripts, pass --without-script.
By default, 'generic' script is installed.