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Version 0.1.1
- Added support for SWC-E100.
- Added support for Mezon ( version of SWC-U200. You
have to select the SSID from the command line at the moment, but
this will be handled somewhat better in the future.
- Updated udev rules to start madwimax by default when device is
- Added madwimax manual page.
- Change the default installation path of madwimax config files from
$prefix/etc to $prefix/etc/madwimax.
- Added several new options.
- Lots of bugs fixed.
- Cleaned up some pieces of code.
Version 0.1.0
- Added a table of supported devices (fixes inability to connect to
the devices with BL22 firmware out of the box).
- Also device mathcing can now be controlled by the command-line options
(namely --device and --exact-device). See the help.
- Added an option to detach pseudo-DVD kernel driver by the driver
itself (so it works without udev/sysfs).
- Now autotools are used for build system.
- The driver can run user-supplied scripts on network connect/disconnect.
- TAP interface mtu is set to 1386 at startup.
- Can now log to the specified file/syslog (when daemonized).
- Allocated network interface is called wimaxN instead of tapN.
- Various fixes and enhancements.
Version 0.0.2
- Fixed reconnection issue. The driver was not able to repair a failed
connection at all.
- Fixed some rare startup problems. The driver now flushes the garbage
from the previous session.
- Added command-line options parsing.
- Added support for diode control.
- Added an option to daemonize the driver.
- The driver now brings the TAP interface up when the device connects
to the network and down when the connection is lost.
- The driver immediately exits when it founds device unplugged so now
it can be safely started by udev when device is plugged.
- Various minor fixes.
- Cleaned up code.
Version 0.0.1
- Initial networking support.